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Good audio is life changing. There is nothing like being able to completely immerse yourself into concert-quality sound at home. At AV Zone, we have many options that can help you create the home audio experience of your dreams and play your favorite tunes throughout your house instead of just in one room. Don’t limit yourself to good audio with just your TV. We install audio in master bedrooms, family rooms, or any room. We can help you find the best audio equipment for your budget and space.

Here are 3 options for upgrading your audio:

Home Audio Speakers Salt Lake City Utah

Hi Fi (high fidelity) Audio Speakers

Hi Fi is high accuracy sound reproduction. This means that sound is pure, clear, and incredible. Just a couple of carefully chosen and carefully placed HiFi speakers will help you feel like you’re at a concert. We can help you find and install some great ones.

Whole House Audio

Whole house (or multi-room) audio is a configuration of speakers wired throughout your house. Add music to your basement, your bathroom, and kitchen. Dance to music in your yard. Think of how nice it would be at your next party to have music playing in every room, not just blasted from one. Think about being able to move around your house hearing music with incredible HiFi sound quality, not just muffled music playing on your phone. We can retrofit wiring to any house. And best of all, you can control all of this from your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Surround Sound

We are all familiar with the concept of being surrounded by the sounds of a movie. It’s exciting to hear different parts of a movie’s audio split up among a number of speakers. It’s like being in the middle of a conversation or action sequence. Surround sound is a must for an immersive movie experience at home.

We can help you custom design your own system. Some surround sound systems have 4-5 speaks but can have as many as 10 speakers and multiple subwoofers. AV Zone will assess your space and recommend the right number of speakers for your space and budget.

Speaker Styles

When doing any sound system, think about what type of speakers will fit with your space’s room and look.

  • In Wall/Ceiling speakers
  • Bookshelf speakers
  • Free standing speakers

At AV Zone, we have many different looks, sizes, and colors. We will help you find the best options to fit your style and your home.

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