A properly designed home theater will deliver all the potential of a great movie or exceptional piece of music—quality you’re missing if you’re just watching TV. You’ll be able to experience movies at home the way the filmmaker intended, with film-quality images and cinema-quality sound.

Today’s Home Theatre

Many of us dream of having a home theater system—being immersed in amazing picture and sound—but that dream has always felt out of reach. Wouldn’t it be great to escape into Spider Man’s Manhattan or avoid a Star Destroyer in Star Wars Millennial Falcon? It’s easy to assume that any system capable of delivering that kind of experience is just too expensive. You may assume that it’s not worth checking in to. Maybe, next year, you say.

We at AV Zone are here to tell you that your dream can become a reality right now. There IS a system that will work for you, utilizing some of the components you already have. You don’t need to wait. Recent advances in technology give you many choices for home theater setups.

So what exactly is a home theater?

Home theater’s aren’t what they used to be. A home theater is several electronic components working together to create a movie theater experience in your home. Movie theaters have a large screen and surround sound, so any home theater system would have a large, quality picture and great sound. In a movie theater, you may not know it, but you are surrounded by speakers. You have speakers to the left and right of you and behind you, plus others. You hear different sounds from the movie coming at you from different parts of the theater. The result is that you feel immersed in the action. In fact, you are almost part of the action. The large screen also helps you to feel like you are a part of the movie because you can see details, like tears on a character’s cheek. When you think of how often you watch TV or a movie, these kinds of details are worth getting.

What components make up a typical home theater?

For a home theater you need:

  • A large-screen TV or screen projection system

  • At least 4 speakers

  • Equipment for splitting up the sound and sending it to the speakers

  • Something that plays or broadcasts movies in surround sound.

  • A place to set up the equipment, (this doesn’t have to be a separate theater room.)

  • A comfortable chair or couch

  • Popcorn!

What AV Zone can do for you

  • Educate you on what your options are. It’s exciting to see what new technology is out there.

  • We offer custom home theater systems. We will design a system to fit into any space on any budget. Don’t wait! Start living the dream today.

  • We install the system you want. We will get your system running smoothly, so all you have to do to enjoy a show is to hit your remote’s power button.

  • We offer service and support AFTER the sale and installation with 24/7/365 support.

We offer Control4 systems

It will blow your mind when you see what technology can do for you. For example, we sell the Control4 system. This system is professionally installed but can be personalized by you. Control4 integrates with up to 12,000 network-aware devices. This means that you could have one remote that would interact with every other electronic device in your house. Just think of it, to spin off of Lord of the Rings, “one device to rule them all.” But really, think about it. What would it be like if one remote controlled all electronics in your house? It could be life-changing.

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