Lighting Control

With AV Zone’s custom solution, controlling the lights in your house is incredibly easy. No more walking through every room turning off lights that were carelessly left on. No more worrying about if you left your lights on when you’re away on vacation. Never get out of your comfortable bed to turn the lights off before you go to sleep. Enjoy the ease of pre-set timers for lights that turn on and off according to a custom schedule.  Lower your electric bill by eliminating unused resources. All of this and so much more! Take control of the lighting in your home using your own smart phone, iPad or remote control.

Lighting control systems are exciting. Just think—you could control the lights in a room or in your whole house without ever touching another light switch or a lamp! You could get the perfect lighting effects effortlessly. You could program your lights for just the right mood, ambience, or even time of day. How would you like to walk in from a long day to a house lit just the way you would like it? This technology, which used to seem “space age” or just for the rich and famous, can be yours today, and it’s less expensive than you think.

Lighting control systems allow you to control the lights in your home or business from one user interface. No more going room to room flipping light switches. No more wasted energy or light bulbs when lights get left on. You can start with one room or set up controls for your entire home or business.
Lighting control systems are easy to integrate with smart home systems, like movies, music, and security. Call us or come in to talk about how you can get started using this amazing technology. We’d love to sit down with you and discuss ways we can customize this technology to meet your needs. You’re going to love saving on your energy costs.

Lighting Control System Features

  • Dimmable lights—perfect for watching movies or alternating the amount of light needed.
  • Motion sensors—lights turn off when no one is in a room.
  • Programmable lights—plan when lights turn off and on, perfect for when you are traveling
  • One control for all lights—Can have a touch screen in one room with controls for entire room
  • Remote control—control lights from anywhere in the world via a smart phone.

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