Motorized Shades

Even your window shades can turn into an energy efficient and money saving part of your home automation. Customize schedules that will open/closer your blinds for you. Block out the sun right when it begins heating up your house, then watch them open automatically once it dips behind the horizon so you can enjoy the beautiful sunset. Control your shades all from you mobile device and enjoy the pleasure of home automation.

Motorized shades have got to be the ultimate luxury. Being able to raise and lower blinds or open and close shutters with the touch of a button is the ultimate in cool and the crowning touch to a complete home automation system. We can customize these shades to fit any need big or small.

Add Motorized Shades to Full Home Automation

If you can control your music, lights, and security remotely, why not add window coverings to the mix? Just imagine popping a DVD in your player and hopping on the couch. With a touch of a button, you could dim your lights, start your surround sound speakers, close the blinds, and even turn on your ceiling fan. Your movie starts and you are whisked away into another world within minutes! Can it get better than that?

Add Motorized Shades to Hard-to-Reach Windows

AV Zone has many options when it comes to motorized shades. Perhaps you have that one really tall window that gets a lot of afternoon sun. Why not put a motorized shade on it? With the touch of a button, you could put the shade down when it’s hot, keeping your home cool and saving you on power bills.

Add Motorized Shades to One Room (to start with)

Perhaps, it’s one particular room that you want motorized. No problem. We can do that. You’ve got many styles of shades we can motorize. We can give you a remote control that can open and close the shades in person, or as part of your home automation, we can give you smartphone control. You could program a time every day when you want them raised or lowered. Or, we can integrate them to your theater room, to close when you watch a show.

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